FAQ Tone Wow

How to join Tone WOW program?

  • Contact your sponsor
  • Purchase your Tone WOW SIM card and activate it


How to register Tone WOW SIM card?

  • For New User :
    • Please find your nearest Business Partner or any TONE WOW user or walk in to our HQ
  • For Existing TG User :
    • Register via myWOW App (available on Android /iOS) or myWOW Web


How to purchase Tone WOW SIM card?

  • Purchase from Business Partner or visit our HQ


What starter SIM pack do we offer?

  • Lite Pack – RM 10
  • Biz Pack – RM 98


I have registered a TONE WOW SIM card, what should I do next?

  • You MUST make a call to activate your SIM card
  • For Biz Pack, Your TW Reload 30 will be credited within 30 minutes


Does new registration comes with free credit and freebies?

  • TWP30 will be activated upon the First Call Activation (FCA) for Biz Pack


What data or bundle plans do TONE WOW offers?

TONE WOW offers 2 TWP Plan that consist of data and minutes for our subscribers. The plans are:

TWP30 where subscribers will receive :

    • 5GB of data
    • 100 Minutes local within the same network
    • 30 Minutes local call to other networks
    • 10 SMS within the same network
    • 10 SMS to all other networks.

TWP60 where subscribers will receive:

    • 15GB of data
    • 150 Minutes local to all network


How do I subscribe for TWP Plans?

  1. USSD Menu
    • Dial *128# for menu
    • Then Select 1 for TONE WOW Plans
    • Select 1 for Internet, Voice & SMS
    • Choose either 1 for TWP30 or 2 for TWP60
    • Press 1 to confirm subscription
  2. myWOW Apps
    • Login to myWOW Apps
    • Select ‘Usage’ at bottom menu
    • Select ‘Subscribe Now’
    • Choose which plan to subscribe
  3. Subscription via Reload
    • ALL Top Up of RM30 will automatically subscribe you to the TWP30 plan. No credit will be added into your balance.


Why my top up does not show increase after I Top UP RM30?

  • ALL Top Up of RM30 denomination will automatically subscribe you to the TWP30 plan. No credit will be added into your balance.
  • To avoid subscribing to TWP30 automatically, you may Top Up any other denominations than RM30 (e.g: RM10,RM20,RM50, and RM100)


How long are the validity for TWP30 and TWP60?

Both TWP30 and TWP60 are valid for 30 Days


If I still have remaining TWP data balance on the day of expiry will it carry forward?

No. You have to Re-subscribe before the expiry date to carry forward remaining TWP data balance.


If re-subscribe the same TWP plan before expiry date, what will happen to my remaining TWP data balance?

Your remaining TWP data balance will be added into your new TWP subscription and your new expiry will be 30 days after your last TWP re-subscription date.


What happen if I subscribe the same TWP plan after the expiry date? Will my remaining TWP data balance be added into the new TWP subscription?

  • No. You will only receive the new subscription data. The remaining TWP data balance will be forfeited as it has reached expiry date.
  • Tips: Re-subscribe before expiry date to keep your remaining TWP data balance.


I have always re-subscribe my TWP plan before the expiry date, why the TWP data balance did not add up to my new subscription?

There are maximum cap for each TWP plan data wallet at any one time. No additional data will be added if the wallet has reached maximum capacity.

  • TWP30
    • Voice Call – Same Network: 300 Mins
    • Voice Call – Other Network: 90 Mins
    • SMS – Same Network: 30 SMS
    • SMS – Other Network: 30 SMS
    • Data: 15 GB
  • TWP60
    • Voice Call – All Network: 450 Mins
    • Data: 45 GB


Are LITE members entitled to any incentives other than monthly incentives?

Data Entry Incentive and Recruitment Incentive. Recruitment incentive is RM1 x 6 months.


How about upgrade incentives? Lite 1 recruit Lite 2, Lite 2 upgrade to normal. Lite 1 entitled for Upgrade incentive?

No because Lite 2 upgrade to Normal Member before Lite 1.


Any time frame for Lite Member upgrade to Normal Member?

There is no time frame.


If I’m a LITE user, how I want to upgrade to Normal Member?

There are 2 different ways to upgrade to become a Normal Member:

  • Achieve a monthly commission of RM100.
  • Make a payment RM100 through POS, myWOW apps, Web.


How does a member entitle for recruitment incentive (fast track)?

  • Member entitled for recruitment incentive when preload successfully transferred.
  • As long as Downline receive preload RM30 or perform RM30 via other channels, Upline entitled to recruitment incentive.


What is Hi WOW?

  • To migrate from existing Tone Excel (TE) or Tone Plus (TP) program to TONE WOW.
  • Purchase Hi WOW SIM pack (for RM10) and complete the registration.


Can I Hi WOW with my existing TE or TP mobile number?

Yes, you can port in your existing TE or TP mobile number.


What happens to my genealogy once I Hi WOW?

Genealogy will remain.


What happens to my incentive once I Hi WOW?

Your TE/TP incentive will remain unchanged and will continue with the new TONE WOW incentive.


I am a Branch/SC/JC/PSC, what happens to my level once I Hi WOW?

Remain as current level.


I am TE/TP member but my down line migrate to TW. Am I still entitled for TW commission?

Your commission & genealogy in TE/TP remain unchanged.


What happen to my credit balance/ points if I Hi WOW and port in TE/TP number?

Your credit balance will forfeited.


What happens to my remaining credit balance once I Hi WOW to TW and get a new number?

Your credit balance will remain.


For Hi WOW user, if their group or downline (still maintain TE/TP program) make a top up, will the current sponsor be entitled for the commission from their group/down line?

They will still be entitled for the commission.


Can I convert back to TE/TP after I Hi WOW?

Not allowed.


Member has Hi WOW and only perform top up RM30 in TE/TP but not top up at TW. How is the entitlement of commission?

They will entitled for both commissions.


If the member Hi WOW with port in existing TE/TP number, then port in failed can they recruit members?

No for TW, but still can do for TE/TP.


If I’m a new member at TW, can I register TE/TP account?

No. You are not allowed


If I’m member TW, can I join both TWE & TWP?

No. You are not allowed


What should I do when I lost or broke my TW SIM card?

You need to purchase TONE WOW SIM replacement at RM10 through our nearest Business Partner


What should I do if there is any problems during registration?

Please email to support@tonewow.net


How many accounts can I register for TW?

According to MCMC guidelines, you are allowed to register up to five accounts (inclusive of Digi account).


How do I qualify for commission?

The minimum requirement for commission is a minimum top up amount of RM 30 within the calendar month.


Is Credit Transfer Consider a Top up?



For TW, if a TW member does not do the minimum top up requirement, is he/she entitle to the commission for that month?

They are not entitled for the commission.


How is the commission paid?

Commissions are transferred via wire transfer directly into your bank account upon the value reaching RM30 or more. If commissions are below RM30, they will be brought forward to the following month.


Where do I check my commission?

Login to MyWOW Web or MyWOW App


Are there any charges for bank transactions?

Every transaction made will incur bank charges of RM3.


What is Mobile Number Portability (MNP)?

MNP is the ability for users to switch to a new mobile service provider, while retaining their existing mobile number. If you would like to switch to TONE WOW from another Telco while retaining your current number, please visit our website and find our Business Partner near you. 


What should I do before switching to TONE WOW?

Please ensure the following before you switch to TONE WOW:

  • Your mobile number was registered under your ID/Passport.
  • Mobile number is still active.
  • No overdue/outstanding bills.
  • No outstanding contract obligations.
  • Supplementary number(s) need to be ported together with Principal number.
  • Credit Limit is not exceeded.


I still have credit balance in my previous Prepaid account before porting. Will the credit balance be refunded?

Your credit balance will be forfeited once your port-in is successful.


What should I do if my port-in submission has been pending for more than 48 hours?

Kindly email to mnp@tonewow.net with your details.


Will I receive any SMS notification regarding the status of my port-in request?

Yes, you will receive SMS notifications notifying you on the status of your port-in request.


Where can I check my Port-in status?

You can check your port in status via myWOW web.


How long SIM validity & mobile number life cycle?

Validity ends 60 days after activation date.


Can I reinstate my Tone WOW mobile number & membership account?

You are not allowed to reinstate your mobile number & membership account if your account is expired.


What service provider that I will be using in TONE WOW?

Digi Telecommunications.


How long will the unregistered sim card expire?

The SIM card validity is 3 years without registration.


Are we allowed to exchange an expired SIM card that has not been activated?



How to check credit balance?

You can press *126# or check via the myWOW apps.


How to perform Top Up?

You can perform top up through myWOW apps or Walk in at any stores and purchase Digi reload.


What are the call & SMS rate?

What is WOWcher?

WOWcher is our loyalty program and we can earn from top up, registration, event and etc.


Is WOWcher transferrable?



How the member want to spend the WOWcher on Tone WOW merchandise? Is it only applicable for walk in customer? How about the member stay far away from HQ to redeem the WOWcher?

WOWcher only can redeem via WOWpay participate merchant.


Is the WOWcher has the expiry date?

Yes, the expiry date is 3 years.


When WOWcher are transferred from a member to another member, expiry date remains or extend?

Expiry date will remain.


Any maximum amount on transfer of WOWcher?



What is WOWlet?

myWOW apps wallet.


Is WOWlet transferable?



How do I login to myWOW account?

You need to enter your NRIC/Passport as your username and you need to enter password as per sent to you via welcome email/SMS once you successfully registered your account in TONE WOW.


I forgot my myWOW password. How can I retrieve it?

You can always recover your password in just 3 steps:

  • Click at “Forgot password’’ link in our myWOW web.
  • Type in your NRIC/Old IC/Passport/Army/Police and secret phase.
  • Select mobile number and click Reset.
  • You will receive a temporary password via SMS which you can use to log-in and change to your new password.


What is the available merchandise for TW?

You may look here.


If I would like to have my own merchandise, how do I get the approval?

Please email the items to support@tonewow.net to get the approval.


Can I use Digi’s logo on the merchandise?

The use of Digi’s logo is not allowed on any merchandise and marketing materials.