The name ‘Public Gold’ derived from Dato’ Wira Louis’s belief in which he believes that the Public should be given the equal opportunity to own Gold, for gold is stable and can be used as international exchange medium. Hence the name, Public Gold.

Public Gold’s head office located strategically at Technoplex, Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone (Phase IV) Pulau Pinang. With its first branch opened in year 2008 at Bukit Jambul, Pulau Pinang, Public Gold now owns in total 18 branches throughout Malaysia and Singapore.

In response to public demands, Public Gold collaborated with the renowned Turkish company, Nadir Metal Refinery Group and been appointed as the sole distributor for London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) accredited investment precious metal products in Malaysia, Public Gold’s Dinar wafers is the one and only Islamic gold wafer in Malaysia and Singapore that had been granted GST exemption.

Above all, Public Gold operates a fully integrated physical gold exchange centre that includes a physical trading system and platform developed by in-house IT expert, which enables customers to access live gold prices 24-hour a day and place  buy-and-sell orders. Public Gold also embarked on Oracle ERP Solutions, a world recognized IT Systems and Database solution to implement a highly sophisticated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system bringing the Group’s existing system to a new level of advancement since May 2015.

Due to its rapid growth , Public Gold Group has recently penetrated into foreign markets namely Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia bringing the brand to greater heights.

Company Philosophy

To provide mankind with the most stable and only truly international exchange medium.



Our pillar of strength lies in our Corporate Vision and Mission, whereby we entrust our full belief and endless efforts in making it a reality as part of our ultimate success.

Corporate Vision

Our aim is to become the World Currency Issuer, Global Leader in Physical Gold Bullion Exchange Centre and Integrated Gold Payment System so people across the world could benefit from our products to secure a solid future with great wealth assurance.


Corporate Mission

Our mission is to serve the best interest of our advisors, shareholders, partners, and customers by establishing effective communications with great sensitivity to cultivate the strength of each party towards a successful future together.



The success of Public Gold Group is determined by 3 essential core values namely UNITY, INTEGRITY and FAIRNESS under a positive corporate culture environment involving stakeholders and their family. Stakeholders include : Directors, Employees, Vendors, Dealers, and Customers.

Appreciation of human interaction and cohesiveness of all levels to build stronger bonds to battle challenges together towards a common goal – success, love, peace and harmony.


Practice honesty, great responsibility and strong moral values towards of all levels and treat them with respect.


Be fair to others and see things from their perspective with great sensitivity.